E-commerce platform (web 2.0) for physical items, a digital marketplace for NFTs in the metaverse (web 3.0) and a social network designed exclusively for luxury FASHION and art lovers.

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Blockchain solutions for Luxury fashion and art
NFT certificates for luxury items

All Futugo items are registered in a blockchain. Purchase 100% authentic luxury fashion brands, fine art, and get NFT digital passes for each item individually.

Second life market with items verified in a blockchain

We create a sustainable way to improve the traceability of luxury items! Support the second-life market performance, by using those NFT certificates to prove the item's authentification.

Marketplace in the metaverse

The world‘s first luxury marketplace that is suitable for the metaverse. Only high-end NFT wearables and NFT art. We transform the luxury world by making it digital!

What is Futugo

Futugo App is the world's first luxury fashion network suitable for the metaverse. We have a mission to create the all-in-one platform that is an e-commerce platform (web 2.0), a digital marketplace in the metaverse (web 3.0) and a social network designed exclusively for luxury lovers.

It will be a modern marketplace for luxury physical goods and digital items, built by using blockchain solutions for product authentication, traceability and sustainable shopping. Offering the best shopping experience with virtual fitting rooms, livestream shopping events, fashion shows & 3D product view. A platform where users can not only shop but also learn, connect, discuss and interact with others.

Our goal is to gather the biggest community of luxury fashion and art lovers in the world. We want to make Futugo the number one APP where every luxury fashion lover will purchase, sell, trade or pawn designer goods, art pieces, luxury beauty products, NFT art or virtual designer wearables.

Futugo App invites you to join this future fashion network and become a part of the virtual changes. Together with the newest technologies, we are building a trustworthy ecosystem that connects luxury goods, retailers, fashion experts, NFT art creators and customers. Let’s transform the world of luxury together!


Our official Channels
Our Future Roadmap

Project start

Vision, idea, research


Project research

Search of prototype developers, marketing agencies, technical service providers

Secondary market research


Team&Project development

Team expansion

Contact development with luxury fashion boutiques and brands

Marketing strategy development

09 - 2021

Project development

Agreements with technical service providers

Start of prototype development

Architecture of technical design


App Development (phase I)

UI/UX development

Research of blockchain solutions


Promo video

Partnership establishment with boutiques, brands, art galleries and beauty shops


Seed sale
(whitelisted, NFT holders)

Start Date
: To be advised
Fundraising Goal
: $1 125 000
Token Price
: $0.25
Total Supply
: 4 500 000
Minimum investment
: $500
Maximum Investment
: $150 000

Private Sale
(funds and private investors)

Start Date
: To be advised
Fundraising Goal
: $3 000 000
Token Price
: $0.20
Total Supply
: 15 000 000
Minimum investment
: $10 000
Maximum Investment
: $300 000

Public Sale

Start Date
: To be advised
Fundraising Goal
: $3 375 000
Token Price
: $0.45
Total Supply
: 7 500 000
Minimum investment
: $100
Maximum Investment
: $250 000
Futugo Max Supply 150 000 000
Token name
: Futugo
Token Ticker
: Futugo
Restricted Juridisction
: To be advised
Accepted Currencies
: USDT, BTC, ETH, more to be advised.
: Subject to KYC and AML
Token Sale Stages
: Three
Tokens being sold
: 27 000 000
Total Suplly
: 150 000 000
: To be advised
Token Type
: To be advised


Fund allocation 100%

Fund Allocation $

Marketing expenses
Technology expenses
General and administrative expenses
Technology and development


Token DistributionTOKENOMICS

Seed sale 3%

Private sale 10%

Public sale 5%

Advisory and Partners 6%

Liquidity 5%

Business development/administration 6%

Software Development - roadmap 15%

Incentives, social rewards and bonuses, staking rewards 13%

Marketing 12%

Team 10%

Reserve 15%